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Gilbert is a town located in the state of Arizona, within Maricopa County, United States of America to the south-east of Phoenix. The town falls within the Phoenix metropolitan area. Gilbert town was once popularly referred to as the Hay Shipping Capital of the World and is of today the most populated incorporated town in the US. It was incorporated in 1920. The city has so far grown into one of the fastest developing populations aside from being the largest town in the United States of America. The city has over 208,4 persons inhabiting It is one of those regions recognized as having transformed from an agricultural economy into a thriving and diverse suburban economy. Majority of the town’s growth has been registered during the past three decades. Gilbert town is the home of the iconic water tower standing tall downtown in an area that once played host to barely anything more than the post office down there. Today, you will find the place full of life with a variety of businesses including a theater, restaurants and an upcoming University. Key among the booming figures in Gilbert’s economy is the housing industry currently making one of the most lucrative businesses in the town given the pace at which its population is growing.

Facts about Gilbert

Gilbert is located in the state of Arizona and has a population of 211951 .

Gilbert is located at 33.362 latitude und -111.746 longitude.

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