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Chandler city in Maricopa County, US state of Arizona, is a city that has reached its geographical limits and as such is not likely to expand outwards as it bound in by the River Gila Indian Community, south; Mesa, north; Tempe, north-west; Phoenix, west; and Gilbert to the east. The city has a dominant technology industry as it hosts numerous satellite locations for different tech corporations. The tech giant Intel has a major influence in the city’s growth and economic strategies with the four locations of its portfolio in the municipal area. Other high-tech manufacturing companies have entered into partnerships with the local government with their operations employing about twenty-five percent of non-government workers as per the 2007 statistics The tech industry in this city is one industry that is deemed stable and has not largely been affected by the falling of the economy of the state of Arizona, making its players reliable employers. The city is served by different airports including Chandler Municipal Airport, a two-runway general air travel facility located in the heart of the Chandler city and Gila River Memorial Airport located in the Gila River Indian Community set to serve the city in the future.

Facts about Chandler

Chandler is located in the state of Arizona and has a population of 240101 .

Chandler is located at 33.306 latitude und -111.841 longitude.

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