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Washington D.C is the capital city of the country. There are 658,9 people living in the Federal district. Agriculture is the main driver of the economy in Washington generating billions of dollars in revenue each year. Other sectors of the economy include such things as manufacturing industries, fishing, mining, banking and insurance companies as well as real estate. Washington is also home to a number internationally ranked airports that contribute a part in the economy. They include Reagan National Airport, Dulles International Airport and Baltimore/Washington International Thurgood Marshall Airport. Make a visit to the world’s largest library- The Library of Congress that houses documentations on American History. Stop also at the United States Capitol and get to witness congress in action. In Washington take a chance to visit the Lincoln Memorial, who is one of the founding fathers of todays United States. The memorial is also a tourist attraction site because it’s where the famous “I have a dream” speech was made. Other sites that may attract you in Washington include White House, Washington Monument, Jefferson Memorial and National Air and Space Museum.

Facts about Washington

Washington is located in the state of District of Columbia and has a population of 632323 .

Washington is located at 38.895 latitude und -77.036 longitude.

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