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Recruitsoft , Inc.

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Recruitsoft , Inc.

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Recruitsoft has roots that date back to 1996, when founder Martin Ouellet created Viasite, which was to become the most successful job board in Canada. In 1998, Mr. Ouellet founded Recruitsoft in Quebec City, Canada, taking advantage of the ready, well educated labor force, high quality of life and strong incentives for technology investment. Mr. Ouellet and Recruitsoft CEO Louis Tetu began in September 1998 to work with visionary Fortune 500 companies to develop an online solution that would best meet world class staffing and human capital management needs. With a background in supply chain management, Mr. Tetu understood the value that leveraging such concepts could bring to the recruiting and talent management processes for global corporations. Coupled with the power and connectivity of the Internet, recruiting supply chain management would bring the same bottom-line and process improvement benefits to large enterprises that supply chain management had brought to manufacturing. Registered as a Delaware corporation and with headquarters established in San Francisco, Recruitsoft launched the first version of its solution, Recruiter WebTop, in September 1999 after spending a full year in development. The month following its debut, Recruiter WebTop was named one of the Top Ten Products of the Year by HR Executive Magazine. Recruitsoft quickly opened offices in Metropolitan New York, Chicago, Montreal and Toronto. In August 2001, the company established offices in Paris and Amsterdam, with offices in Singapore and the United Kingdom soon to follow. In October, 2003, Recruitsoft acquired White Amber, Inc., the non-permanent workforce management solution leader with the industry's largest clients. The acquisition, which created Recruitsoft Workforce OnDemand, extends the value Recruitsoft delivers to enterprise customers seeking to manage both permanent employees and non-permanent workers, whether contingent, temporary or service contractors, by integrating all sources of talent onto one platform. With visibility into all staffing processes, including non-permanent workers, companies not only identify opportunities for cost-saving process improvements, but also determine when it's in the company's best interest to hire permanent employees versus non-permanent workers. Recruitsoft maintains its Research and Development facility in Quebec City, where the company employs more than 200 senior level developers focused solely on the Enterprise Staffing Management Suite. Maintaining this facility has substantial benefits for Recruitsoft; the company benefits from a favorable exchange rate, lower cost of living, and incentives for technology investment, enabling more than twice the size of development team than any other company in our marketplace, for less than half the cost. Today, Recruitsoft delivers a comprehensive suite of solutions to manage complete enterprise staffing: professional, hourly, agency, campus, centralized, decentralized, multinational and non-permanent. Recruitsoft solutions optimize the flow of talent throughout large organizations such Honeywell, Hewlett-Packard, Dow Chemical, Blockbuster, Fortis Inc., Washington Mutual, Agilent Technologies, Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu, Pitney Bowes Inc., PepsiAmericas, P & G, Thomson, Group Suez, Serono, Toyota, The Gillette Company, Bombardier, Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield and UnitedHealth Group, among hundreds of others. Recruitsoft Workforce OnDemand customers include Wachovia, Pepco Holdings Inc. and KPMG, among many others. Additionally, Recruitsoft continues to garner the majority of industry accolades, including recognition as the industry's leading staffing solution, according to and Talent Market Group's 2003 Buyers Guide.
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