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Poway Women's Care


Poway Women's Care

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Description of Poway Women's Care

Poway Women's Care
The medical staff at Poway Women’s Care in San Diego offers the compassionate care every woman needs throughout her many phases of life. Led by Karen Kohatsu, MD, and certified physician assistant Deana Buan, PAC, the team offers a variety of gynecological diagnostic and treatment services, including birth control, routine exams, and health screenings to ensure a woman’s good health and wellness.

Dr. Kohatsu is also highly experienced in minimally invasive surgical procedures for treatment of conditions like endometriosis, ovarian cysts, and fibroids. She performs many procedures in-office for the patients’ utmost comfort and convenience.

For mothers-to-be and those planning a family, Poway Women’s Care also provides obstetric services, accommodating all pregnancies, including high-risk ones. They prioritize the patient’s needs first, creating custom treatment plans to address each unique situation.

Using the latest advancements in aesthetics, the Poway Women’s Care medical team makes available popular treatments, like CoolSculpting body contouring services, dermal fillers, and skin resurfacing to help patients look and feel youthful and vibrant. Innovative procedures to treat a variety of common conditions like wrinkles, stretch marks, and rosacea, are also available, and patients can benefit from the healing effects of platelet-rich plasma therapy to enhance skin health.

Whether you need a reliable OB/GYN or are interested in aesthetic treatments, the team at Poway Women’s Care will exceed your expectations. Schedule a consultation online or by calling the San Diego office.
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