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Saint Petersburg

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St. Petersburg, Florida, a city experiencing an average of 361 days of quality sunshine every year. St Petersburg, commonly referred to as St Pete, has reportedly had a considerable low cost of living which for a long time has been linked to the large number of retirees who get attracted to go live in the city. This is not the only reason provided for the city’s attribute as a retirement destination, its good weather is said to play a large part in this respect as well. St. Pete city is located in Pinellas County, Florida, United States of America. It has been ranked the 5th most populated city in the state of Florida, making it the largest city in Florida which is not host to county seat. It is the second largest city in the Tampa Bay Region, an area with approximately 2.8 million occupants, and the second largest Metropolitan Statistical Area in the state of Florida. The city is situated on a cape between Tampa Bay and the Mexican Gulf and is connected to the mainland Florida with Tampa city to the north and by causeways and bridges across Tampa Bay to the east.

Facts about Saint Petersburg

Saint Petersburg is located in the state of Florida and has a population of 244997 .

Saint Petersburg is located at 27.771 latitude und -82.679 longitude.

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