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Business location Portland

It is the biggest city in the state of Oregon and the 29th most populated city in the entire United States with over 604,0 persons. The city is unique because of its efficient land planning and use as well as environmental conservation practices. Portland is referred to as the city of roses because of the large number of rose gardens found there. The city’s most investments are ecofriendly with most of the wastes being recycled. It is home to some of the best restaurants which have attracted want to be musicians as well as artists. The tourism industry is also doing well in the city attracting so many tourists to this green city. The city is served by Portland International airport that has a good number of shops and restaurants and hotels that are ideal for tourist and business travellers. The airport also leads in the export and import business in the city generating billions of dollars of revenue each year. The Tom McCall Waterfront will provide you with breath taking views as well as an unforgettable experience. The Old Town Historic District should be your first stop as the place holds so much history and it’s a good learning experience. You can’t leave the city of roses without visiting the International Rose Test and breath in the sweet scents of fresh roses.

Facts about Portland

Portland is located in the state of Oregon and has a population of 583776 .

Portland is located at 45.52 latitude und -122.674 longitude.

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