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Arizona Floors and More

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Arizona Floors and More

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Description of Arizona Floors and More

Arizona Floors & More was established in 2004 by Robert Borgerson in an effort to provide residents throughout Phoenix and the surrounding areas with a reliable bathroom, kitchen, and living room remodeling company dedicated to superior customer service and quality products. While anyone can put in a floor or complete a remodel, it takes a special company that truly takes the time to tailor the project to your personal style and individual needs to make the remodel stand out. Arizona Floors & More is committed to excellence in all that we do. While we understand that is a high standard to achieve, we know it falls in line with our company values and what we set out to accomplish so many years ago. Because we want to be known as a company that is driven by the biblical standards of doing business, we stand behind our products and services 100 percent.

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