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Business location Omaha

Located in mid central area of the United States and the largest city Nebraska State, Omaha is a destination for business and tourism. Omaha has diversified economy with major contributors being transportation, trade, business, health and education industries. Omaha's population is over 434,3. Mining, construction, manufacturing and information sector contribute a small share in the economic arena. The airport is near a Foreign Trade Zone which means that small and medium enterprises within the airport benefit from reduced or delayed custom duties. For those of you who are visiting or wish to visit the city of Omaha for the purpose of touring, there are so many places you can visit while there. Relive the past by a visit to the Durham Museum where, you will get an in depth understanding of the history of Omaha. Joslyn Art Museum is a good venue for those art lovers who are visiting Omaha which contains collections of fine art. Spend an afternoon at the Omaha's Henry Doorly Zoo with your family engaging in wildlife watching. The Gerald R. Ford Conservation Center contains different cultural collections that offer a good way to spend your time if you love culture. Other tourist attraction sites you need to visit include; The Mormon Trail Center at Historic Winter Quarters, Freedom Park, Fun Plex Amusement Park, and Lauritzen Gardens among others.

Facts about Omaha

Omaha is located in the state of Nebraska and has a population of 408958 .

Omaha is located at 41.259 latitude und -95.938 longitude.

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