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Norfolk city in the US state of Virginia has a long standing reputation as a strategic military and transportation point. It is the home of Naval Station Norfolk, the largest Navy base in the world. In addition, the city also hosts one of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, NATO's two Strategic Command headquarters. The city of Norfolk not only plays host to the above mentioned crucial military and international organizations, it also has a critical role in terms of corporate business as it is the place where corporate headquarters of Norfolk Southern Railway is located. This is one of the major Class I railroads of North America. Maersk Line, a global conglomerate operating international shipping and other portfolio also has its headquarters in this city. Bordered by numerous bodies of water, Norfolk city is adequately served by water transport especially via beaches on Chesapeake Bay. It also has an extensive network of Interstate highways, tunnels and bridges linking it to its neighbors. These include three bridge-tunnel complexes making Norfolk the only US city with bridge-tunnels. Norfolk is located at the heart of the Hampton Roads metropolitan area. The name comes from the large Norfolk natural harbor at the mouth of Chesapeake Bay.

Facts about Norfolk

Norfolk is located in the state of Virginia and has a population of 245803 .

Norfolk is located at 36.931 latitude und -76.257 longitude.

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