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Beacon Building Products - Nashville
Beacon Building Products - Nashville
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Nashville is located in the northern central region of the state of Tennessee it also happens to be the capital city of the state as well as the headquarters of the county of Davidson. Nashville ranks in second position in terms of size after Memphis, which happens to be the largest city in the state. The metropolitan area has over 626,6 inhabiting persons. The city economy is largely dependent on the large number of publishing, transportation, technology, healthcare music and banking institutions there. It also happens to be home to quite a number of higher education institutions. Health care ranks at number one in the industries that drive forward the economy of Nashville. The print industry in Nashville is thriving and major religious publishing and distribution houses call Nashville home. Tourism is a major revenue earner in Nashville with the music industry affecting the influx of tourist into the city. Commercial flights come in through Nashville International Airport, which contributes a part in the economy of the city. Visit the recording studios located in Nashville from Sony, Colombia, Warner Brothers, RCA among others. Get a one on one experience with the music and film industry. Other tourist destinations include Edwin and Percy Warner Parks, Lane Motor Museum, Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum among others.

Facts about Nashville

Nashville is located in the state of Tennessee and has a population of 626681 .

Nashville is located at 36.162 latitude und -86.774 longitude.

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