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Minneapolis is the largest city in Minnesota State and the 46th in the entire United States. The main drivers of economy in the city are manufacturing industries although the economy is quite diverse. Being the largest metropolitan city within the state, it is home to some of the largest corporations in the world. Other economic contributors include banking, technology and tourism industries. The major airport in the city is the Minneapolis-Saint Paul International Airport which has significant contribution to the economy of the city. The airport links the city to other global market networks which is good for business people wishing to develop in the city. Here due to the link with Canadian and other United States markets, you will be able to link up your business with key industry players. Experience a magical connection with nature at the Minnehaha Park one of the many sites that continues to attract thousands of tourists. If you love art then pay a visit to the Minneapolis Institute of Art which contains exhibitions of arts from different places across the globe. Get entertained by one of the many plays of Shakespeare at the Guthrie Theatre. Learn more about the Swedish heritage at the American Swedish Institute and relax at the Sculpture Garden. Take a tour inside City Hall which is among the oldest architectures in the city of Minneapolis. Get to experience this and more in the greater Minneapolis.

Facts about Minneapolis

Minneapolis is located in the state of Minnesota and has a population of 382578 .

Minneapolis is located at 44.977 latitude und -93.265 longitude.

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