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Milwaukee is located on the south western side of Lake Michigan, it is the largest city in Wisconsin state of United States. Here you will find a blend of both culture and economic aspects making it a destination for business and tourism. Economically, Milwaukee seems to be doing well being home to a good number of Fortune 1000 companies, banks and insurance companies. When you pay a visit to Milwaukee, you will find out that the economy is mainly driven by small and medium enterprises that occupy every industrial aspect. Technology is also a major economy boost in Milwaukee with quite a number of tech firms located there. It is in Milwaukee that you will also find the General Michelle International Airport. When it comes to tourism, there are so many tourist attraction sites that you cannot exhaust. The Lakefront is one of the attraction sites you should make a point of visiting. Designed by architect Eero Saarinen is a memorial site on Lakefront to remember those soldiers who fought and died in the Korean and Second World War. City Hall is a must visit, being the only skyscraper of its kind and age left in the world. Visit the Greek Orthodox Church, Public Museum, Charles Allis Museum and also the Pabst Theatre.

Facts about Milwaukee

Milwaukee is located in the state of Wisconsin and has a population of 594833 .

Milwaukee is located at 43.035 latitude und -87.922 longitude.

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