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Canon Human Services Centers, Inc.


Canon Human Services Centers, Inc.

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Description of Canon Human Services Centers, Inc.

Canon, through its brown Scapular Program, has been helping people overcome chemical dependency and resolve drug-related problems since 1988. A non-profit community service corporation, Canon provides drug-free counseling and support services both on an outpatient basis and in residential setting. Although residential services are currently available only to male applicants, the outpatient program is open to both men and women.
Therapy at Canon’s Brown Scapular Program is centered around counseling – individual, family, and peer group – and is designed to help the individual to discover himself or herself, to examine his or her relationship to the rest of society, and to explore alternatives to lifestyles that encourage substance abuse.
Canon is located in South Central Los Angeles, an area where the need for its services is mostly readily apparent.
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