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Located within the south-eastern section of the US State of Nebraska, Lincoln is just one of those few large American cities within the state of Nebraska that are not situated along either the Missouri River or River Platte. It is the capital city of Nebraska and is the second-most populous of the cities in state of Nebraska. Lincoln is also the the governmental center of the county of Lancaster and comprises part of the Lincoln metropolitan area. Lincoln is primarily a service-industry dominated city. If you are conversant with the term Star City then you definitely are aware of the city of Lincoln, Nebraska. Majority of the Star City’s primary employers are within the services industries. In terms of education, Lincoln plays host to the University of Nebraska. Nebraska State’s Lincoln city is a favorable place with regard to the economy as it has an unemployment rate of 2.0 percent as of November 2014. The city is proudly the home of the second tallest capitol building in the United States. The city of Lincoln is served by Lincoln Municipal Airport- the other name for Lincoln Airport- public airfield located five miles to the north-west of downtown Lincoln city in Lancaster County.

Facts about Lincoln

Lincoln is located in the state of Nebraska and has a population of 258379 .

Lincoln is located at 40.8 latitude und -96.667 longitude.

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