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Kansas City

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Kansas City is located in the western part of United States and it’s the 34th most populated city. The population of the metropolitan area is over 2.34 million. The economy of Kansas is dependent on agriculture, energy technology, aviation, manufacturing and bioscience industries. Kansas has grown economically due to its strategic location in the central part of US which gives it access to major transport facilities. The Port of Kansas which had previously been closed was reopened in 2012 and is now on the verge of being completed. The port will serve as an important engine of economic development for the city. Kansas is served by Kansas City International Airport, which generates revenue for the city in shipping and cargo handling. Kansas has so much to offer you when it comes to tourism needs. If you are looking for a quiet, cool place to just sit and enjoy nature, then you need to visit Botanica, Wichita Gardens. Go back to the 1870s with a visit to Boot Hill that has a replica of Front Street as it was in those days. The Spencer Museum of Art is a good place for art lovers as it contains sculptures and art work of famous artists. At Tallgrass Prairie National Preserve enjoy live music performances and traditional demonstrations as well as guided tours through the historic ranch. Kansas will truly give you an unforgettable experience.

Facts about Kansas City

Kansas City is located in the state of Kansas and has a population of 145786 .

Kansas City is located at 39.115 latitude und -94.75 longitude.

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