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Irving city located in the state of Texas, within Dallas County United States of America is the thirteenth most populated city in the state of Texas. It makes part of the Dallas- Fort Worth Metroplex. The city has over 225,4 persons inhabiting. This city is the home of the Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport which lies within the boundaries of Irving city. The city comprises one of the first ever master-planned developments in the US, the Las Colinas community, which was once the largest mixed-use development in the Southwest region. Within its Las Colinas, Irving city plays host to the largest equestrian sculpture in the world, the Mustangs. Irvin city is also popular business hub hosting numerous Fortune 500 companies including the Exxon Mobil. It also features a long term plan to develop the area into a mixed-use complex that will include a special entertainment district. This is the city that was homeland to Texas Stadium, the former Dallas Cowboys home stadium that was demolished on April, 2010. The city still features actively in sports as it hosts two Football Bowl Subdivision conferences namely the Conference USA and the Big 12 Conference. The city’s Irving Independent School District, IISD plays football together with other games locally at the Irving Schools Stadium.

Facts about Irving

Irving is located in the state of Texas and has a population of 216290 .

Irving is located at 32.863 latitude und -96.979 longitude.

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