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Henderson city located in Clark County, the US state of Nevada is the second largest city in that state coming only after Las Vegas. It has an estimated populace of over 270 thousand people as from 2013. It falls as part of the Las Vegas metropolitan zone, which extends through the whole of Las Vegas Valley. The city has been established as safe by different entities at different times. According to a 2011 report by Forbes magazine, the city of Henderson ranked as United States of America's second safest city. The city analysts attribute this favorable safety ranking to the affluence that is typical of Henderson city. It is known to have high middle income earnings and amenities that cater to local residents. The city has also earned the tag of ‘one of the Best Cities to Live in the US’. This is according to Bloomberg Businessweek. FBI also shared that opinion when they referred to Henderson as featuring among the top 10 US safest cities. Increasingly, Henderson is becoming more populated with great shopping malls, restaurants and casinos, movie theater complexes, among other forms of entertainment complexes that folks tend to like a lot. The city is situated just a few miles to the southeast of Las Vegas, not far from the famous Las Vegas Strip.

Facts about Henderson

Henderson is located in the state of Nevada and has a population of 260068 .

Henderson is located at 36.039 latitude und -114.982 longitude.

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