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El Paso

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El Paso is located in Western Texas and it holds the county offices of El Paso County. It is home to some big and major companies like Fortune 500 and the Medical Centre of the Americas which happens to be the only medical research institution in Texas and part of Mexico. Industries also thrive in El Paso that attract foreign investors. Such includes clothing manufacturing, food processing, medical equipment manufacturing and construction industries. El Paso International Airport is the main airport and it connects Texas and South Mexico. There are a lots of tourist attraction sites in El Paso waiting for you to explore. One such site you can’t miss to visit is the Mexican Border. El Paso connects Texas and Mexico and many tourists flock this place each year. You may also pay a visit to the Border Patrol Museum to see documentations and picture of past border patrols. If you are interested in a little bit of history then there is need to tour Hueco Tanks State Historic Site. Spend an afternoon at the El Paso Zoo and enjoy nature at the Franklin Mountains State Park.

Facts about El Paso

El Paso is located in the state of Texas and has a population of 665568 .

El Paso is located at 31.76 latitude und -106.487 longitude.

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