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Durham city in the state of North Carolina, United States of America is the county seat of Durham County. Parts of the city also outspread into Orange County to the west and Wake County to the east. Durham city is proudly the heart of the quartet-county Durham-Chapel Hill Metropolitan Zone, a zone with a population of over 5 hundred thousand folks as of United States 2013 census. The city is well known for its tobacco industry represented by the popular statue of the bull in the city center. This statue traces its origin to the partnering of W.T. Blackwell and Green and the subsequent renaming of the merger companies as the Bull Durham Tobacco Factory. This name was allegedly taken from the bull on the British Colman's Mustard. The Durham Station community developed at a slow pace prior to the Civil War but caught pace after the war. The tobacco industry played a large part in seeing this rapid post war growth.

Facts about Durham

Durham is located in the state of North Carolina and has a population of 229171 .

Durham is located at 35.994 latitude und -78.899 longitude.

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