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Columbus is among the cities that contribute to a large extent to the economy of United States. It earns a lot of revenue from business investments as well as the tourism sector. Port Columbus International Airport is the main airport that has so many business opportunities. When you alight at the airport, there are so many hotels ready to accommodate you as well as shops. Away from the business matters, there is need for you to relax and enjoy the many attraction sites that Columbus has to offer. Test your creativity by engaging in an afternoon of creating art at the 400 West Rich Street. Take a trip to COSI Science Museum and spend your afternoon there engaging in scientific creations. Experience sport action at the Arena District and later dine and wine at the Northstar Hotel. Also take a trip down the famous Ohio State University. Columbus is definitely the place to be for either business or pleasure.

Facts about Columbus

Columbus is located in the state of Ohio and has a population of 787033 .

Columbus is located at 39.962 latitude und -83.001 longitude.

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