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Aurora, the third most populated city of the state of Colorado with over 325,0 inhabitants is not exactly one of the coolest. If you are looking for a warm location then this is the ideal destination for you. According to the Köppen climate classification this city has a semi-arid climate with the area historically experiencing tornado activity considerably above the Colorado state average. The city’s tornado activity is rated at 39% above that of the overall United States average. In addition, Aurora has a historical earthquake activity that is just close to that of Colorado state average, and 76 percent greater than that of the overall United States average. The city has four distinct seasons throughout the year with its summers ranging from mild to hot temperatures and a moderate precipitation throughout the year. The humidity is low and afternoons frequently experience thunderstorms here. The city has a tax system involving an Occupational Privilege Tax (OPT) also known as Head Tax. This tax is levied on both employers and employees alike. Every employee earning USD 500.00 and above per month is liable for the OPT together with the employer regardless of the location of the main business office or headquarter.

Facts about Aurora

Aurora is located in the state of Colorado and has a population of 325078 .

Aurora is located at 39.729 latitude und -104.832 longitude.

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