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Alembic Computer Services , Inc.

Alembic Computer Services , Inc. - Tempe

Alembic Computer Services , Inc.

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Description of Alembic Computer Services , Inc.

Founded in 1980, Alembic Computer Services, Inc. (ACSI) began by offering mainframe and minicomputer programming services. With the introduction of "micro" computer systems and soon the PC, ACSI was at the forefront of small business computing. For over 25 years, ACSI has been selling, supporting and enhancing a variety of PC-based business applications, including Accounting and ERP software, Business Process Management software and Intelligence tools. Our programming skills have allowed us to provide custom solutions that either modify the products we sell, build on them to provide a more complete solution for our clients, or when necessary, to develop an entire application from the ground up. Jeff Sachs, President and Sr. Consultant for ACSI, has been a prominent member of the Data Processing community. In addition to his work with ACSI, he founded and was president of the Phoenix Chapter of the Independent Computer Consultants Association and eventually went on to serve as their national president. Bill Lansberry, our Programming Manager, has been a member of the ACSI team since 1988. His knowledge and skills have made many of the provided solutions possible. He programs in a variety of languages and is responsible for preparing most of our Design Specifications.
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