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House Siding NJ


House Siding NJ

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When it comes time to repair or replace your home’s exterior, you may have questions about what kind of siding options are available—and which of these you should choose. Our team of NJ-based house siding experts can offer a valuable perspective, as we’ve installed all manner of exteriors across the state. We can assess what attributes are most important to you (as well as propose a number of potential construction budgets), helping you to make an informed decision.

For example, if you’re looking to replicate the feel of a wood exterior (but don’t want to deal with the maintenance involved), we can recommend fiber cement siding, which has the texture and color-fastness of wood surfaces without the propensity for decay. This can allow you to choose a style and palette that matches your home’s design and trim. You’ll have all the benefits of a wood clapboard home with none of the hassle.

One of the benefits of modern house siding is the sheer variety available. Whereas in the past, homeowners had to choose from only a small assortment of colors and styles, we can now offer a massive range of options. This will allow you to select a finish that brings out the charm and style in your home—with the added benefit of pest resistance, durable colors, and imperviousness to weather damage.

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