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Massage in Midtown for Men


Massage in Midtown for Men

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Description of Massage in Midtown for Men

Trained Massage Therapist and specialize in full body intense Massage for those men who have high stress jobs, jobs that are very physical, are athletic and have muscle and tendon issues, enjoy the comfort of a calm, clean, discreet, setting where they experience an all about you and a personal Massage of your choice. Massage that is designed to suit your needs and requests. The client sets the tone and what he requires is paramount that makes the session an all about you experience. 30. Hour
Full body
The choice of the client to be draped or undraped , most of my regulars like undraped allows me to flow fully when it comes to running the full body strokes that I give , long and hard. If the body can take the pressure , do sports massage , deep tissue, tantra , erotica , and more just depends on my knowledge of the client /or person on the table or mat.

I most definitely encourage the client to be forthcoming about what he finds the most appealing about a Massage because he calls the shots so expressing yourself is very important moving forward.

Over the past several months I have been experimenting doing Massage on a mat vs. a table and the reason being is I am able to use my upper body weight for a more deep tissue massage, and this technique takes away the reach in table massage. A mat massage also allows me to give a more even (left-right sides) of the body massage, the feedback from clients is good and nearly all the clients I have done this with have chosen to stick with it and request a mat instead a table.
I use a greaseless massage oil that won't harm your clothes.
Please, don't hesitate to ask questions before you schedule - during - after. I am open to your needs.

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