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Sacramento serves as the capital city of the state of California and the fifth most populous city in the state with over 475,0. It has something to offer for anyone who visits there, be it for business or just touring. The city’s economy is driven by transport industries as well as government ventures being the capital city of the state. The city’s port is connected to the San Francisco Bay which is ideal for handling of shipping cargos. The economy of the city however is dependent on other sectors like agriculture, manufacturing, information technology, hospitality, health and education. Sacramento International Airport handles cargos which contribute to revenue for the city’s development. If you are visiting Sacramento for business, you will probably need a place to conduct your meetings and corporate events. Lined with beautiful colorful gardens, palm trees and other tree species, makes it one of the most outstanding and beautiful of such buildings in the United States. Make a stop at the California State Railway Museum to view some of history’s first railway coaches. Be impressed by Asian and European art and photography works at the Crocker Museum of Art. Others attractions like Fairytale Town, Sacramento Zoo, Old Sacramento among others.

Facts about Sacramento

Sacramento is located in the state of California and has a population of 466488 .

Sacramento is located at 38.582 latitude und -121.494 longitude.

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