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Named for its location beside the Californian Santa Ana River, The city has an estimated population of about 303, 800. Riverside city of the state of California is proudly the most densely inhabited city in Riverside County and the Inland Empire. It is located just about 97 kilometers east of Los Angeles, the home of Hollywood. Riverside is part of the Greater Los Angeles area and has ahistorical dimension in the region as being the birthplace of the California citrus industry. It is also host to the Mission Inn which just happens to be the largest building of the Mission Revival Style in the entire United States. The city is also home to the popular Riverside National Cemetery. Riverside city plays a key role in the education industry by hosting the University of California, located to its northeastern part, together with the Riverside Sports Complex, a favorite spot for every basketball player, among other forms of sports that often take place there. Attractions in Riverside include the Riverside Metropolitan Museum (home for local history, cast in form of artifacts and exhibits), Fox Performing Arts Center, the California Museum of Photography, Parent Washington Navel Orange Tree and the California Citrus State Historic Park. The city has a dominant population of Hispanics, with the other racial groups existing in varying populations.

Facts about Riverside

Riverside is located in the state of California and has a population of 303871 .

Riverside is located at 33.953 latitude und -117.396 longitude.

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