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A-Z Parking Enforcement Solutions, Inc.

A-Z Parking Enforcement Solutions, Inc. - Coral Springs
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A-Z Parking Enforcement Solutions, Inc.

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Description of A-Z Parking Enforcement Solutions, Inc.


As with any towing company, your towing agreement is on a "Will Call" basis which simply authorizes the towing company to remove vehicles from your property, free of charge, upon request by an authorized representative, who must be physically on the property, and available to sign the tow receipt once the tow truck arrives. Proper notice (tow-a-way signs) must be posted a minimum of 24 hours prior to towing.

Your lot monitoring agreement with A-Z Parking Enforcement Solutions is entirely separate from your agreement with a Towing Company. Our job is to patrol the property as your authorized agent to identify, request and authorize the towing of vehicles in violation of your parking rules and regulations. Our agents patrol in marked vehicles, and are identifiable by their uniforms. We are available 24/7 to address any questions or concerns regarding towing or parking issues.

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