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One most outstanding thing about Pittsburgh is its performance in the steel industry. In fact this seat of Allegheny County which is actually the second-largest city in the Pennsylvania state of the US gets its popular identity from the steel industry. Folks here have adopted the practice as a thriving business for both natives and foreign investors. The city is thus called the "the Steel City" and is home to more than 300 businesses steel– related. The city has a unique population metric, the metropolitan Combined Statistical Area population, abbreviated as CSA, of above 2.6 million. It is clearly the largest in both the Appalachia and Ohio Valley and ranks 20th-largest among the United States of American cities. Pittsburgh has yet another unique identity in terms of buildings and other constructions: it is referred to as the City of Bridges due to its apparent investment in bridges. It has 446 bridges and hosts 2 inclined railways, 30 skyscrapers, a pre-revolutionary fortification and is also the source of the Allegheny and the Monongahela Rivers of Ohio. Pittsburgh serves as a vital link of the Midwest and the Atlantic coast and cuts across the mineral-rich Alleghenies. The richness of the region in terms of minerals made it highly coveted by the British and French Empires in pre-civilization times.

Facts about Pittsburg

Pittsburg is located in the state of California and has a population of 63264 .

Pittsburg is located at 38.021 latitude und -121.885 longitude.

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