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Description of Picayune Drug Co Inc.

We are a community based retail pharmacy and durable medical equipment (DME) provider offering our customers a wide range of medical needs. We are one of the first businesses to become established in the town of Picayune. Picayune Drug Co. first opened its doors in 1903 and we still remain in the original location in the heart of Picayune.
The success of Picayune Drug Co. located at 110 Highway 11 North prompted the opening of a second location, Picayune Drug Co. North located at 3310 Highway 11 North. The north pharmacy provides easier access for those who are located on the north end of town. This pharmacy has a drive thru and is very close to the hospital which is great for quick prescription filling after leaving the hospital.
Picayune Drug Co. and Picayune Drug Co. North are both independent pharmacies and are privately owned and operated by Andrew L. Failla, RPh and his wife, Brenda B. Failla, RN.

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