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Associations are people who have grouped together for a common goal. This can include voluntary associations of non-profit organizations which carry out charitable work. Graduates from certain schools form alumni associations. Similarly, there are professional associations, sports associations, and trade associations. An associate is a member of an association.

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David Hocker & Associates Inc. in Owensboro

Owensboro, 42304

David Hocker & Associates, Inc. has managed Oxmoor Center for Beargrass Corporation since 1999 when the original developer and Seattle based, Winmar Co. Inc. sold its interest to joint venture partner Beargrass Corporation.

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George K. Cox and Associates Inc in Owensboro

Owensboro, 42304

George K. Cox & Associates, Inc. is a diversified real estate appraisal and consulting company. The company was founded by George K. Cox, MAI, SRA, in 1977, and incorporated in 1979. The company, located in Owensboro, Kentucky, offers professional appraisal ...

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