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The Maloney Group in North Kingstown

5 East 22Nd Street , North Kingstown, 10010
(212) 777-6655

We make rain by supplying the marketing catalyst that helps increase your revenue. The Maloney Group is a boutique strategic marketing consultancy based in New York City. Its driving force is Toni Maloney,the well-recognized business-to-business marketing ...

advertising & marketing, marketing consulting

RM Strategic Marketing in Princeton

800 West End Avenue Suite 13B , Princeton, 10025
(212) 961-1120

RM Strategic Marketing provides creative market planning and communications to the financial services industry. We offer professional resources in business planning, target marketing, copywriting, graphic design, website development, and multimedia presentation ...

advertising & marketing, marketing consulting

Doubet LLC in Irvine

310 East 75Th Street Suite 3H, Irvine, 10021
(212) 472-4340

Based in New York City, Doubet proudly serves clients throughout the country. Doubet is an active member in the following associations: National Association of Female Executives (NAFE), Marketing Executive Networking Group (MENG), Manhattan Chamber of ...

advertising & marketing, marketing consulting

GasPedal in Jacksonville

P.O. Box 2240, Jacksonville, 10101
(212) 741-8800

GasPedal is a strategy consulting firm that helps companies focus their Internet strategies to be affordable, realistic, and effective. Founded in 1999, GasPedal has evolved from an incubator to a consulting firm to a publishing company, surviving by refusing ...

advertising & marketing, marketing consulting

Ogilvy & Mather in Havre De Grace

309 West 49th St, Havre De Grace, 10019
(212) 237-4000

Ogilvy Public Relations Worldwide was named "Agency of the Year"" in 2000 and 2001 by The Holmes Report and PRWeek respectively. Headquartered in New York, Ogilvy PR partners with clients throughout the world from its offices in 59 markets across the United ...

advertising & marketing, marketing consulting

Brand Keys Inc. in Havre De Grace

9 W 29th St Fl 5, Havre De Grace, 10001

Brand Keys is the only research consultancy that specializes in customer-loyalty-and-engagement metrics. Founder Robert Passikoff wrote the book on the subject: Predicting Market Success (John Wiley & Sons). Our proprietary customer-insight system is grounded ...

advertising & marketing, marketing consulting

Global Advertising Strategies Inc in Carbondale

55 Broad Street 19Th Floor, Carbondale, 10004
(212) 964-0030

Global Advertising Strategies is a full service marketing communications consultancy. Our client services team is the lead internal advocate for your brands. They creatively and efficiently manage the Agency's talent and resources on your behalf. They ...

advertising & marketing, marketing consulting

PortusGroup Technologies Inc in West Hartford

225 West 35Th Street Suite 1500, West Hartford, 10001
(888) 676-7887

PortusGroup is an international technology solutions provider and marketing consulting company with offices in Canada, Uruguay, Philippines, and headquarters in New York. We offer technology-based solutions and services that help local and global businesses ...

advertising & marketing, marketing consulting

Partners & Levit Inc in Chapel Hill

47 West Street, Chapel Hill, 10006
(212) 696-1200

Partners & Levit utilizes marketing research to assess your customers' needs and wants. We develop advertising to develop a broad-based awareness of your brands. We execute promotions, sweepstakes and incentive programs to elicit specific behaviors. We ...

advertising & marketing, internet marketing, new york city, service advertising

Drum Marketing Corp in Fresno

211 East 43Rd Street Suite 607, Fresno, 10017
(877) 556-5556

Drum Marketing is an innovative marketing and public relations consulting group based in New York. Drum's unique approach to marketing and public relations caters to startup companies penetrating the market, and to established businesses who simply want ...

advertising & marketing, digital media public relations, marketing consulting, media pr

Lippincott Mercer in New York

499 Park Avenue, New York, 10022
(212) 521-0000

Lippincott Mercer, founded in 1945 as Lippincott & Margulies, pioneered the discipline of corporate and brand identity, and image management consulting. Through its work for more than 3,000 clients worldwide, the company has created proprietary brand identities ...

advertising & marketing, marketing consulting

TSE Sports & Entertainment in Portland

14 Penn Plaza, Suite 925, Portland, 10122
(212) 695-9480

A: TSE delivers tangible branding by engaging the customer experience at every opportunity. Integrated brand-centric marketing programs are grounded in strategic insight and driven by creative turn-key solutions. Our clients are leader brands or those ...

advertising & marketing, marketing consulting, athlete and celebrity marketing, athlete endorsement

J. Ottman Consulting Inc in Eugene

315 East Sixty Ninth Street , Eugene, 10021
(212) 879-4160

J. Ottman Consulting, Inc., is a marketing consulting and new products firm with the mission of helping businesses, government agencies, and not-for-profit groups meet consumer needs more sustainably. Founded nearly twenty years ago by Jacquelyn Ottman ...

advertising & marketing, marketing consulting, berrett-koehler, book

Hartnick Consulting , Inc. in Daytona Beach

250 West 57Th Street Suite 1332, Daytona Beach, 10107

We are committed to: Servicing our clients with the same senior personnel present at business development calls; Providing customized and cost-effective "strategy through implementation" solutions; and Helping clients achieve their organizational, communications ...

advertising & marketing, hartnick, hartnick consulting, kate hartnick

Customer Finders in Atlanta

265 E. 66Th Street Suite 9C, Atlanta, 10021
(212) 360-1110

Customer Finders, an innovative direct response consultancy, advises retailers seeking to grow their customer base and revenues. Our ultimate goal is to find and keep profitable customers for our clients. This is achieved through various approaches: Optimizing ...

advertising & marketing, marketing consulting, building startups, customer acquisition

Linder Associates in Broomfield

7 E 14th St Apt 817, Broomfield, 10003

Linder Associates, founded in 1986, provides marketing and sales strategy, sales process consultation and the communications materials to implement recommended programs. Linder Associates' clients are in the banking, insurance and financial services, pharmaceutical ...

advertising & marketing, marketing consulting, process strategy implementation projects marketing distribution strategy sales methodology guidelines anaysis training workshops communication materials

Frumerman & Nemeth Inc. in Boxford

350 E. 52Nd Street Suite 11C, Boxford, 10022
(212) 529-3373

Frumerman & Nemeth Inc. is a communications and sales marketing consultancy. We specialize in working with professional service firms and other organizations that are required to market the intellectual acumen of management and to make a conceptual sell ...

advertising & marketing, marketing consulting, asset raising, capital raising

WSL Strategic Retail , Inc. in Tustin

307 Seventh Avenue Suite 1206, Tustin, 10001
(212) 924-7780

WSL Strategic Retail is a marketing and retailing consultancy that works with worldwide clients to develop shopper strategy. Through its How America Shops® research it helps companies understand the evolution of "shopping life" and how to apply ...

advertising & marketing, marketing consulting, candace corlett, shopper insights


333 Seventh Avenue 18Th Floor, Dallas, 10001
(917) 339-7105

Big Honcho Media is a boutique marketing agency that specializes in Radio Promotions, Television Promotions, and Online Promotions, and marketing consulting support for the entertainment/media industry. Our clients market DVDs, CDs, tours, major films ...

advertising & marketing, marketing consulting

Webformance in Indianapolis

151 West 19Th Street 3Rd Floor, Indianapolis, 10011
(212) 414-9243

Webformance is a pioneering firm of global Web marketing consultants based in Paris, France. The company's business involves helping its clients to promote and perpetuate their brand image on the Internet. The main services it offers are listing, audience ...

advertising & marketing, marketing consulting

Drake Direct in Boca Raton

225 East 46Th Street Penthouse D, Boca Raton, 10017

Drake Direct provides a learning environment that allows our database analysts and database interns to grow by experiencing a wide variety of projects across many industries. Our database marketing positions are flexible to your work arrangements. We are ...

advertising & marketing, drake direct, marketing consulting, database marketing consultant

Zandl Group in Nashville

270 Lafayette St. Suite 612, Nashville, 10012
(212) 274-1222

The Zandl Group has been acknowledged as one of America's foremost trend research firms. Zandl specializes in "what's next" for business providing clients with trend forecasts, consumer insights and marketing perspectives. The Zandl Group is well known ...

advertising & marketing, marketing consulting

The Leverage Group in Brookline

825 Seventh Avenue 7Th Floor, Brookline, 10019
(212) 973-9898

The Leverage Group is a global marketing consulting firm based in New York and Los Angeles. We specialize in creating strategic alliances for corporations, entertainment entities and non-profit organizations. Our firm has successfully delivered results ...

advertising & marketing, marketing consulting

Plus Three LP in Boston

180 Varick Street Suite #1126 , Boston, 10014
(212) 206-7819

Plus Three was founded in 2001 to bring our expertise in online marketing and creative design to the candidates and causes we care so much about. We built ARCOS, a complete software package designed to make even the most advanced marketing techniques easy ...

advertising & marketing, marketing consulting

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