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Lakewood Chamber of Commerce

Lakewood Chamber of Commerce - Lakewood

Lakewood Chamber of Commerce

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Description of Lakewood Chamber of Commerce

The Lakewood Chamber of Commerce services not only businesses in Lakewood, N.J., it also serves businesses in all of Ocean and Monmouth counties, N.J., and beyond. New Jersey businesses can profit from the many benefits the Lakewood Chamber of Commerce offers. Visit our "About The Chamber" section to learn how the Lakewood Chamber of Commerce helps New Jersey businesses. Lakewood has the second largest industrial park in the state, two colleges, a Victorian downtown shopping district, shopping centers, suburban homes, parks, lakes, and recreational facilities, numerous churches and synagogues, and many public and private schools. Lakewood boasts one private and two public golf courses, a family oriented minor league baseball team and modern stadium, Kimball Medical Center, a municipal airport, and numerous adult or senior citizen communities. Founded in 1892, Lakewood Township is growing and prosperous and has a population which topped 50,000 in the year 2000. Lakewood, New Jersey, is centered between New York City, Philadelphia, and Atlantic City. Once a winter resort, the ocean and beaches are a mere 10 miles away. Currently, township leaders are campaigning for a major commuter rail terminal, further improving access to major metropolitan areas. To learn more about Lakewood NJ, click here. Not a member of the Lakewood Chamber of Commerce?
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