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Doreens Pizzeria


Doreens Pizzeria


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Description of Doreens Pizzeria

Savor the taste of mouth-watering and delicious cheesy Pizzas by the Award Winning Doreen’s Pizzeria. Serving the same great authentic taste since 1986 in the neighborhood of Hegewish, they also have a second restaurant in Dyer, IN; Doreen’s Pizzas are made with fresh sauces that are low acidic. Doreen’s Pizzas are cooked with low-fat, real mozzarella cheese. The pizzas price starts at $12.95 and also offers a free loyalty rewards program. Doreen’s Pizzeria cares about your health, so they offer a lot of healthy food options. With Doreen’s Pizzeria, you can also get your pizzas, sandwiches, salads, and other appetizers customized according to your favorite, veggies, chicken, and cheese.So don’t wait anymore, and delight in the real taste of Pizza by trying out Doreen’s Pizzeria. Order your favorite pizza now!
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