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Belmar Pharmacy's mission is to provide our customers with an outstanding experience by offering personalized compounded medications and excellent customer service at a fair price. We have specialized in hormone replacement therapy since 1985. What sets us apart from all other compounding pharmacies is our tablet-based form of Bio-Identical HRT (By definition, bio-identical hormones have the exact same chemical and molecular structure as hormones that are produced by the human body.) Our tablets are prepared using our proprietary BLAÔ system developed to enhance absorption of steroid hormones by avoiding the first-pass effect of the liver. We believe our tablet form of Bio-Identical HRT offers the most convenient and cost effective B-HRT and andropause preparations available to you today. We also compound topical creams and gels, sublingual tablets and troches, and suppositories. We offer free shipping to anywhere in the U.S. and only accept prescriptions that are based on a face-to-face medical consultation by the customer's physician (except where expressly permitted by law). Additionally, Belmar Pharmacy prepares medications for the use in treating thyroid disorders and andropause. We also provide antioxidant formulations, wellness and holistic health care treatments. Our relationship with you forms the foundation of our business. Each medication we prepare meets the specific needs you and your doctor have identified. Our pharmacist's collaborate with you and you're prescriber to create a treatment plan that is personalized for you.
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