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Colorado Health and Wellness Center

Colorado Health and Wellness Center - Denver

Colorado Health and Wellness Center

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Description of Colorado Health and Wellness Center

Welcome to Colorado Health and Wellness Center!   Our Mission: "We practice an advanced form of Body-Mind-Spirit integration that helps our practice members turn pain into Progress."   Our Vision: "Embodied space for people to live in expansion and abundance." Benefits: Function: People in care not only get out of pain, they develop an increased ability to listen to the subtle cues from the body/mind. This allows them to make healthier choices and changes in their lives. Emotion: People in care experience the freedom of a greater range and expression of emotions.  This allows them to not be overwhelmed by their experiences but to act more from their authentic self. Behavior: People in care often find themselves changing lifelong habits and patterns. This allows them to let go of the past and develop new strategies and resources for healing. Consciousness: People in care often experience a deeper connection to their authentic (True) selves and to other people.   G
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