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Bovino Consulting Group

Bovino Consulting Group - Coeur D Alene

Bovino Consulting Group

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Our Gainsharing model is a seamless integration of the four systems: A Performance Measurement System that Identifies and measures a few Key Performance Indicators (the critical business drivers), a Shared Rewards - Incentive Pay System that is a motivational variable-pay or incentive pay system linked to factors that employees can influence, a Performance & Rewards Communication System informs employees of their performance and the Gainsharing Pay, and a Performance Improvement System, a team-based system for capturing and implementing employees’ ideas for improvement.

When employees’ variable/incentive pay is linked to operating performance, the operating performance will, in a significant way, improve. Gainsharing is a comprehensive process that inspires and financially motivates employees to positively change their workplace behaviors and work practices. It is this change that produces extraordinary improvements in operating performance and profits for companies.

We are a group of experienced, high energy consultants dedicated to improving your organization's operating performance and profitability by creating a massive explosion of productivity and quality improvements from your employees.

We have designed and implemented more successful Productivity & Quality Gainsharing systems in major industrial/mining settings than any other consulting firm in the world. Our clients have achieved rapid, significant, and sustained improvements (measured in the $$ millions $$) by implementing our Productivity & Quality Gainsharing process.
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