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Bronzeville Children's Museum

Bronzeville Children's Museum - Evergreen Park

Bronzeville Children's Museum

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Description of Bronzeville Children's Museum

The Bronzeville Children's Museum was founded on August 20, 1993 by Peggy A. Montes and a group of dedicated business, civic, cultural and educational leaders who saw the need for a "children friendly" museum to help increase literacy and open the doors to knowledge, hope and self-esteem for children, especially underserved African-American children, ages three to eleven years old. It is the first and only African-American children's museum in the country. The Bronzeville Children's Museum is named for the area between 26th Street and 51st Street, Wentworth Avenue and Cottage Grove Avenue where African-Americans first settled in Chicago after coming from the South. In this area, they created a booming business, cultural, political, and residential center known at first as Black Metropolis and later as Bronzeville. The mission of the Bronzeville Children's Museum is to educate and expose children to the rich contributions, culture, and heritage of African-Americans and people of Africa and its Diaspora through activities, interactive exhibits, and programs. Our goals are to assist in: building children's minds sharing knowledge from parent to child increasing literacy exposing children to the "new technology" Interactive exhibits and programs provide hands-on learning in the areas of the arts, humanities, and sciences.

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