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Chicago Style Steppers LLP

Chicago Style Steppers LLP - Chicago

Chicago Style Steppers LLP

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Chicago "Style" Steppers LLP was co-founded in 1996 by Cynthia Shanks and Stanford Bailey. Chicago "Style" Steppers LLP is a mature group of friends who believes the dance of ,Stepping' should be done with Style, Grace and Class, but only after the basic steps have been properly learned. Before becoming president of Chicago "Style" Steppers LLP, Cynthia Shanks has had the honors of winning and receiving numerous awards for Stepping. In 1983 on ABC television channel 7, the Bob Walls show "Where's Walls", Cynthia Shanks was crowned Chicago's Original Queen of Stepping, by one Chicago's oldest female social club "The Original Olde Timers" (Yvonne B. Paramore), all while holding true to the 8 count of the dance. After winning 1st Place several times in the Original Category of the ,V 103' Worlds Largest Steppers Contest. In 1996 culminating her years of competition, she and her partner won the title of the Original "Master Steppers" of the City of Chicago in the V103's Worlds Largest Steppers Contest firsts ever, Master Steppers Category. Cynthia was an original member and secretary to the United Council for the Original Chicago Style of Stepping, the first Chicago group to bring a united front to the Steppers community to govern the style, etiquette and history needed to be taught by instructors. Co-founder Stanford Bailey, a license financial planner has been doing this dance of Stepping since the late 1960's when it was called the "Bop" and being preformed in an East to West direction, consisting of 2 shuffles, a kick and a cross-step in both directions. The exact amount of steps (8) used in Stepping (which goes in a North to South direction). Learning ballroom dance as a cotillion escort in his mid-teen, Stanford (,Stan' to the community) has many years of couples dancing. After being taught (by C. Shanks O.M.S.) in 1996 to instruct Stepping, over the years and after many students, Stan has mastered the art of teaching and is respected as a premiere instructor. A quote from Cynthia Shanks (Original Master Stepper) " I may be the ,Master Stepper', but Stan is the ,Master Instructor' , he has mastered the art of teaching, taking what I shared with him and perfecting it in a way that makes it easy for anyone, even the rhythm challenged to Step to the beat. He is also a mentor for CSSLLP Youth program and the choreographer for the Chicago "Style" Steppers LLP Instructional Videos, Basically Stepping and Intermediately Stepping and the writer of the Bonus CD, SHANKS O.M.S. Stan was also an original member of the United Council for the Original Chicago Style of Stepping. Chicago "Style" Steppers LLP mission is to promote the art of Stepping (An African American Ballroom Dance) that can be enjoyed by all cultures. Create annual events involving this art, and national networks to support them. CSSLLP is committed to developing bridge programs for the youth through mentoring and leadership, along with willing and interested adults, introducing and teaching the history, evolution, etiquette, culture and basic steps of Stepping. Students taught this art form are truly enriched while learning, it boost self esteem, teaches cooperation and unity. This dance (art form) is now crossing all ethnic classes, and can be taught to children as young as 7 yrs. of age all the way thru adulthood. Tested and approved by the Chicago Public School Systems. Our structured program teaches the students the How's, When's Why's of Stepping. We've created a coarse study that allows even our youngest and slowest students to learn.
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