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Structa Retail and Restaurant Building Solutions


Structa Retail and Restaurant Building Solutions

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Description of Structa Retail and Restaurant Building Solutions

With over fifteen years of experience handling a broad spectrum of commercial and residential construction projects, Guy Giat, brings to bear a unique combination of skills and disciplines, including those of being a general, electrical and plumbing contractor. With extensive expertise in bidding and cost estimating, his proven ability of managing subcontractors, labor, equipment and materials have been part and parcel of his highly focused and attentive operating style, where he has learned to master every major and minor construction detail.

With a track record of building work for Kaiser Permanente, Keller Williams, Amorino, Go Greek Yogurt, Potato Corner, Cako and Orange Twist, Guy's focus on restaurant and fast food mall kiosks in particular, have become a hallmark of his general contracting career. Although his building experience and accomplishments are widespread, he remains a down-to-earth and mindful businessman who gives his clients the individual and highly personalized attention needed when mission-critical projects are on the line.
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