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Carolinas Telco FCU

Carolinas Telco FCU - Charlotte

Carolinas Telco FCU

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Description of Carolinas Telco FCU

Carolinas Telco offers a variety of mortgage loans to fit your individual need. We offer both 10 and 15 year fixed and 30 year adjustable rate mortgages. There is also a 7 Year Balloon Mortgage with an adjustable rate, which gives you the advantage of borrowing up to 90% of your appraised value. We offer convenient, flexible terms and competitive interest rates that can be locked in at any time between submitting the application and approval. Your mortgage whether it is your first or not, will be handled on a personal basis by people you know and trust. They will answer any questions and discuss the options available to you. We have flexible loan plans you need at rates you can afford. First Mortgage loans are only available for homes and property in North Carolina or South Carolina. Try our Mortgage Inquiry.
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