Most Unique Bookstores in the United States

Bookstores and great places for bookworms to spend some extra cash, but these bookstores have something else to offer besides books: a twist. Some of these bookstores offer a brand new atmosphere to book lovers, a bookstore mascot, and some are deeply rooted in history and tradition. It’s a guarantee that the uniqueness of these bookstores will appeal to every bookworm.

The Last Bookstore – Los Angeles, California

This used bookstore has the charm and appeal of any local bookstore, but this one has something that no other bookstore does: a special place in called the “Labyrinth Above the Last Bookstore.” Also, unlike most other bookstores, it takes up much more space: close to 20,000 square feet of space where books are waiting to be discovered.

Bart’s Books – Ojai, California

Yet another bookstore in California takes a spot on this list. This is one of the few outdoor bookstores in the nation. It has humble beginnings, but has grown and become more and more popular as more people have come to visit. It still has a simple atmosphere, but that simple atmosphere has people coming back again and again.

Rizzoli Bookstore – New York City, New York

This bookstore does not feel like a local bookstore as it takes up six stories of a building. This bookstore has a majestic feel to it as visitors are greeted by magnificent vaulted ceilings and chandeliers. Book lovers feel like kings and queens when they come to visit this beautiful bookstore.

John K. King Used & Rare Books – Detroit, Michigan

This bookstore specializes in rare and out-of-print books, so you will likely not see any books that are available at most bookstores in the nation. There are millions of books in this large building that used to be a glove factory, and there are 900 categories for visitors to come and peruse.

Books & Books – Coral Gables, Florida

This bookstore is one of the largest in Florida, and for good reason. This bookstore hosts a wide variety of books, but also a cozy fireplace, beamed ceilings, a courtyard, and a café for visitors. This bookstore hosts special events in the courtyard and there are healthy lunch options for book lovers that don’t want to leave the store for a bite to eat.

Baldwin’s Book Barn – West Chester, Pennsylvania

This bookstore was an old barn that has been repurposed to be an incredible bookstore. The doors have not changed as they are old cellar barn doors, and this is one of the only bookstores that has some library helpers that not many bookstores have: cats. There are shelves upon shelves of old books for visitors to come see and places to sit down and enjoy their new books.

Housing Works Bookstore – Manhattan, New York

This bookstore of course has lots of books, and it even has a café and hosts special literature events, but the proceeds from this bookstore go toward a good cause: trying to end homelessness and AIDS. Ambitious goals for ambitious book lovers.

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