Rest and Relaxation Tips for Office Stress

Being at an office can be mentally draining through the tasks assigned at work, but it can also take its toll physically. When stressed at the office, the effects of it can cause lack of concentration, headaches, and fatigue. However, there are several tips and tricks that can be used to de-stress while at the office at nearly any time.

Take a break

This does not mean to take an excessively long break, but go ahead and take a break. Take a step back from the computer and don’t think about anything work related for a few minutes. Permit yourself to think of what makes you happy for a few moments, and then you can return to the task at hand with a renewed, happier mindset.

Take a walk

This may be synonymous to taking a break, but this includes physical activity. This will allow some of that stress to get worked out physically with movement. It doesn’t have to be a long walk: it can just be from one end of the office to another, but physical movement may help in working that stress free from the mind to the feet.


meditation office
There are several benefits to meditating, and one of them is reduced stress. Office workers can take a few minutes to close their eyes at their desks and focus on their breathing. Meditation takes practice because the essence of meditation is focus on breathing only or repeating a mantra, such as “I am at peace” to oneself. However, in a potentially stressful environment, taking a moment to breathe and let the stress out with each breath can produce a happier and healthier employee.

Tackle the stress

Some people at an office may sit in their office chairs and stew over whatever is stressing them out. If the situation allows it, go ahead and try to tackle whatever is causing the stress. For example, if someone has been assigned to make a PowerPoint and they have time, they should go ahead and at least get started on it.

Listen to calm musicmusic at the office

If the office rules allow it, listen to music. Better yet, listen to music with earphones so other noises can be blocked out if the job allows for it. Listening to calm music has a similar effect as meditation: it allows you to remember to breathe and relax. It may take time to find the perfect music for the office, but your stress level will likely decrease as you listen and tune out the stress.

Drink water

Dehydration is common among office workers, and that can cause fatigue, which leads to less productive work, which may lead to stress for some. Be sure to have water at the desk to sip on throughout the day. Not only is this a healthy habit to get into to ensure hydration outside of work, but it will also help your mind and body to be refreshed as you work.

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