Places to Hang Out and Things to Do with Your Dog in New York City

Our dogs are important to us, and there are places in New York City that recognize that. There are special places in New York City that cater to people and their canine pets.

Dog Cafes

There are a variety of dog-friendly cafes in New York City that allow dogs in the café, in the outdoor seating of the café, and even offer treats for your beloved pet. Some popular dog friendly cafes include:
• The Bean
• Birch Coffee
• Sweetleaf Coffee
• Café Grumpy
• The Roasting Plant
Each of these places vary in popularity, so there may be a wait for some of these places if you want to enjoy a meal with your dog right next to you.

Go to the Park

Besides cafes, there are many different parks to spend some quality time in with your dog while in New York City, and arguably the most popular place is Central Park. There are trails, open areas to play Frisbee, and plenty of space for your dog to play.
Since Central Park is so popular, there is also a possibility that your dog could meet and fried and spend some time while you relax in the sunshine. The limit is your imagination with all the play date ideas you can come up with while in Central Park.

Run a Dog Race

Besides parks, there are races at certain times of the year where you can participate in a run with your dog beside you. Some of these races have this specifically in mind where they will provide water for you and your dog at water stops along the race route. One particular race is the Animal Medical Center Doggy Dash which takes place in the summer.

Go to an Art Gallery

If running isn’t quite your thing, you could also consider going to the William Secord Gallery on the Upper West Side. This gallery is open to having pets come and enjoy art along with their owners so long as the pets are leashed. Not only are dogs allowed in the gallery, the gallery itself has art that is focused on dogs. There is art that is nearly 300 years old and some that are more contemporary, but either way, this would be a unique way to spend time with your dog while in New York City

Go on a Tour

If you want to do some sightseeing, there are tour guides in New York City that understand and have dog parks and dog friendly restaurants on their list of stops. You can exercise with your dog by going on a walk, but also learn about the unique history of the city as you go. You would also likely meet some fellow dog lovers on the tour as well!

New York City is a big place with lots of things you can your dog can to together. The only limit is your imagination, and you can even do quite a few of these things wherever you live and spend some quality time with dogs without all the traveling.

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