Great Technology to Care for Pets

In a world filled with technology, it is so much easier to own pets. There is technology out there to help us find pet sitters, feed our animals, and spend time with our furry friends. However, there are a few select apps and technology out there that are the most helpful for pet owners and drown out the competition.

1. Wag

This is an app that you can access on your smartphone to allow you to find a dog walker in case you are running late or work or just can’t muster up the motivation to go on a walk that day. They take precautions for allowing this dog walker to get a house key even if you aren’t at home. If you are anxious about where your dog is getting walked, there is a way for you to see where your dog and the walker is on your app. This app is excellent and they can find walkers at the last minute or in advance, whatever you need, they will likely have a walker for you almost instantly.

2. DogVacay

This is another app that helps with dogs in particular, but this one is more useful for pets and pet owners going on vacation that don’t want to spend a lot of money for boarding their pets. DogVacay gives pet owners a list of dog sitters in the area that will be willing to take care of your dog for a price. You can look through location and prices through set dates and see which home you would prefer. This app gives you access to people who want to take care of your pet and will give it love and attention instead of keeping your dog cooped up in a kennel at a boarding house.

3. Smart Feeders

This is great for those owners that may not be home to feed their pets, and this bit of technology also connects to your smartphone. You program the breed, size, weight, and age of your cat or dog and the smart feeder will dispense a set amount of food appropriate for your pet according to the information. It will dispense food at set times during the day and will even let you know when food in the container is running low. This technology is a must have for pet owners that may be away from home more often than they are at home and don’t want to pay someone to come over and feed their animals.

4. GPS Trackers

This piece of technology may not be the latest and greatest thing on the market, but this absolutely will be helpful for those pet owners with animals that like to roam the neighborhood or could provide some peace of mind if a pet gets lost. These GPS trackers attach to your pet’s collar and will tell you their exact location at any given time. Some will connect to your smartphone so you can look anytime you like and it can give you peace to see your pet still at home when you are at work.

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