Brand Names that have Greek Meanings

There are several brand names that we know as well as our family members names, but do we know what these brand names mean? Here are a list of famous brand names that have based their names of Greek mythology and whether or not these names truly reflect their products and services. There will not be a winner among these brands since all of them are in different areas of their respective markets, but it can’t be disputed that these companies made a good decision in basing their brand names off of popular mythology.


Nike is an athletic company that makes shoes and clothes among other things, and their name is derived from the Geek goddess of victory: Nike. There is a reason why Nike has been around so long and continues to grow: their products are solid and the brand has been associated with one of the best athletic brands in the world.


Pandora has been competing with Spotify recently, and their name comes from the Greek legend where Apollo gave Pandora the gift of music. However, this could also point to the myth of Pandora’s Box, which arguably does not have the best ending.

venus logoVenus

This brand has created razors for women, promising soft and smooth skin. This brand names points to the Greek goddess of love and fertility: Aphrodite. No one can say they are not good razors, but whether or not smooth legs and underarms allow you to get love is another question entirely.


Based off of Posiedon’s three-pronged trident, Trident gum has used this bit of mythology to inspire their brand name. This might be appropriate for flavors for crisper tastes, but since they have branched out into more tropical flavors, the brand name might not be best for the product.

saturn logoSaturn

This name is adapted from the Geek god, Cronus to be the name of a popular car company in the world today. Cronus was Zeus’ father in Greek mythology, which gives the company a sense of power as they push their products into the market.

Tennessee Titans

This football team based their name off of the Greek predecessors to the gods: beings that embodied physical strength and size. This is a good name for a football team that wants to install fear into the hearts of their opponents, and this name very appropriate for the team.


The Amazons were Greek warrior women, and this company has used that name to be one of the popular companies in the world. The warrior women were strong and unmatched, just as Amazon is now battling to become one of the most well-known companies in the world.


Brand names are a way for the people of the world to get to know a company based on the symbol they want to represent, and these companies chose popular mythology to associate, which has served them well. People are draw to what they know, and these companies chose strong mythos to back up their products and services to the people, and the people have loved what these companies have to offer.

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