4 Steps to Make a Gallery Wall at Home

Going to art galleries can be a surreal experience: there are a wide varieties of different pieces of art that speak differently to everyone and everyone can be silent while admiring the art in front of them. Having this sort of experience is possible at home and can add a personal statement to visitors about you in the process.
There is no one set way to make an art gallery wall in your home, but there are basic steps that need followed, no matter what art you choose or what layout the pictures will end up taking on your wall.

Step 1: Pick a wall

Firstly, you need to choose a wall in your home that will fit the art you are going to choose for your gallery. This is a trickier step than it seems simply because most walls are already covered with other things, or there could be several places in a home that would work. Keep the following in mind when picking a wall:
Traffic – you may want to choose a quieter place in the home for your personal gallery.
Light – too much light can damage art over time, so choosing a place with a lot of natural light may not be the best option.
Room space – will you have enough room to look at and admire the art if you choose to sit and look and it?
Once you have chosen a place for your gallery, go on to the following step.

GalleryStep 2: Choose your art

Note, this can be art that you have made or it can be art that you bought. No matter what art you choose, be sure to keep the following in mind:
Does the art work match? – Some artists may want to choose art that follows a certain theme or color scheme so the art does not clash with one another.
Do the frames match? – Be sure to choose frames that will complement each other and the room rather than fight
for attention on the wall.

Step 3: Choose a Layout

Placing the pictures on the wall in a pattern that calls to you will be important, so be sure to play around with different layouts before you commit to just one. It is recommended that you sketch these layouts on paper before putting nails into the wall. You can place pictures close together, farther apart, vertically, horizontally, in a shape, in a free form pattern, or any other combination you can think of for your gallery wall as long as the pattern makes sense to you and you like it.

Step 4: Complete Finishing Touches


Hang up your pictures, add any furniture you think would be good for the gallery if there is no furniture, and straighten any crooked pictures. Now take a step back and admire the work you have just done. Making a gallery wall at home is a challenging creative endeavor and it will give you a sense of accomplishment having completed this feat. Be sure to celebrate your creative success in some way and then enjoy your gallery wall.

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